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25R14/INT/FL/CDfloodR14/Int.120V 25W
2,000 hrs.10
25R14/MED/FLfloodR14/Med.120V 25W
2,000 hrs.25/250
30R20/SPspotR20/Med.130V 30W
5,000 hrs.6/60
30R20/FLfloodR20/Med.130V 30W5,000 hrs.10/200
40R14/INT/FLfloodR14/Int.120V 40W
2,000 hrs.25/250
40R14/MED/FLfloodR14/Med.120V 40W
2,000 hrs.25/250
40R16/SP/2pk. SuperluxspotR16/Med.120V 40W
2,000 hrs.72
50R20/SPspotR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.10/200
50R20/FLfloodR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.10/200
50R20/AMBERamberR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50R20/REDredR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
* 50R20/GREEN greenR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50R20/PINKpinkR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50R20/BLUEblueR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50R20/YELLOWyellowR20/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50R20/SP/NEODYMIUMneodymium spotR20/Med.120V 50W
2,000 hrs.12/96
50R20/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR20/Med.120V 50W
2,000 hrs.12/96
50R20/FL/TFTeflon CoatedR20/Med.130V 50W
2,000 hrs.12
50BR30/FLfloodBR30/Med.120V 50W
5,000 hrs.6/60
50ER30/FLelliptical floodER30/Med.130V 50W
5,000 hrs.12/24
60R16/SP/2pk. SuperluxspotR16/Med.120V 60W
2,000 hrs.72
60R19/SP/2P Director LitespotR19/Med.120V 60W
2,000 hrs.72
65BR30/FLfloodBR30/Med.130V 65W
5,000 hrs.25/100
75R20/SPspotR20/Med.130V 75W
5,000 hrs.6/60
75R20/FLfloodR20/Med.130V 75W
5,000 hrs.10/200
75R25/AGRO Plantplant growR25/Med.120V 75W
2,000 hrs.6/60
75BR25/SPspotBR25/Med.120V 75W
5,000 hrs.6/60
75BR25/FLfloodBR25/Med.120V 75W
5,000 hrs.6/60
75BR30/SPspotBR30/Med.130V 75W
5,000 hrs.25/100
75BR30/FLfloodBR30/Med.130V 75W
5,000 hrs.25/100
75R30/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR30/Med.120V 75W2,000 hrs.12/48
75R30/BLblueBR30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.6/60
75R30/GRgreenBR30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.6/60
75R30/PKpinkBR30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.6/60
75R30/RDredBR30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.6/60
75R30/YWyellowBR30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.6/60

75ER30/FLelliptical floodER30/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.12/24
75BR38/FL1 pc. PAR glassBR38/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.12
75BR40/FLfloodBR40/Med.130V 75W5,000 hrs.12/24
75R40/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR40/Med.120V 75W2,000 hrs.12/24
85BR30/FLfloodBR30/Med.130V 85W
5,000 hrs.25/100
100R20/SPspotR20/Med.130V 100W
5,000 hrs.6/60
100R20/FLfloodR20/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.6/60
100BR25/SPspotBR25/Med.120V 100W5,000 hrs.6/60
100BR25/FLfloodBR25/Med.120V 100W5,000 hrs.6/60
100BR30/SPspotBR30/Med.120V 100W5,000 hrs.6/60
100BR30/FLfloodBR30/Med.130V 100W 5,000 hrs.25/100
100R30/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR30/Med.120V 100W2,000 hrs.12/48
100BR38/FL1 pc. PAR glassBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR38/AamberBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR38/BblueBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR38/GgreenBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR38/RredBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR38/YyellowBR38/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12
100BR40/FLfloodBR40/Med.130V 100W5,000 hrs.12/24
100R40/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR40/Med.120V 100W2,000 hrs.12/24
120BR40/FLfloodBR40/Med.130V 120W5,000 hrs.12/24
120ER40/FLelliptical floodER40/Med.130V 120W5,000 hrs.6/24
125BR40/1/CL clear heat lampBR40/Med.130V 125W
5,000 hrs.12
125BR40/10/REDred heat lampBR40/Med.130V 125W
5,000 hrs.12
150R30/AGRO Plantplant growR30/Med.120V 150W
2,000 hrs.6/60
150BR38/FL1 pc. PAR glassBR38/Med.130V 150W
5,000 hrs.12
150BR40/FLfloodBR40/Med.130V 150W
5,000 hrs.12/24
150R40/FL/NEODYMIUMneodymium floodR40/Med.120V 150W
2,000 hrs.12/24
250BR40/1/CL clear heat lampBR40/Med.130V 250W
5,000 hrs.12
250BR40/1/CL/TFclear teflon coatedBR40/Med.120V 250W
5,000 hrs.12
250BR40/10/REDred heat lampBR40/Med.130V 250W
5,000 hrs.12
250BR40/10/RED/TFred teflon coatedBR40/Med.120V 250W
5,000 hrs.12
300BR40/FLfloodBR40/Med.130V 300W
2,000 hrs.24
300R/3FLfloodR40/Mog.120V 300W
2,000 hrs.24
375R40/1clear heat lampR40/Med.130V 375W
5,000 hrs.12
500R/3FLfloodR40/Mog.120V 500W
2,000 hrs.24
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